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o x20A é tão bom assim??? E pq q tanta gente usa retardador de secagem?

pelo que vi sesse post antigo (2001) , tem praticamente 50 e tantos por cento de álcool (que evapora rápido) dái a necessidade de retardante


"The paper investigation is 99.85% there......from the MSDS information David obtained from Tamiya's agents in Canada. I am hoping David can obtain the addenda sheet to the MSDS that will hopefully specify what the remaining 0.1500% of the formulation is.

My analytical chemist friend needs a phone call put his way...which I am hoping will prompt him to carry out the Gas chomatography mass spectrometry analysis. This hopefully will confirm the formula stated within the MSDS and its addenda sheet.

The current formula, as indicated by the paper investigation, is :-

Water 54.9175%
(Purified water)
Butan-1-ol 19.9700%
(Secondary Butanol)
Propan-1-ol 14.9775%
(Normal propyl alcohol)
3-methyl-3-methoxy butan-1-ol 9.9850%
(3-methyl-3-methoxy butanol)
Additives - unknown 0.1500%
(Maybe several surfactants)
TOTAL 100.000%

I have already obtained 25 Litre drums of the Butan-1-ol, propan-1-ol and 3-methyl-3-methoxy butan-1-ol. I also have access to a supply of purified water (double-distilled water) at my work. I should be able to produce about 125 Litres of the formula in our mixing tanks at work and I have polyethylene bottles, UN packaging and HazMat codes for the components. I will plagerize the Tamiya data sheet and prepare my own, identical in headings and content to Tamiya's.

Just need the additive details now!! I hope David can obtain that Addenda sheet for us!

Regards to all.

Simon Higginbottom"