Não é novo, mas é de novo. - U.S Moon Ship

Modelo de 1958, relançado em 2013, e agora com outra fornada.

[About the model]
- The model is a plastic model assembly kit which shaped the concept of the moon landing rocket imaged by American space exploration engineers and scientists in the 1950's.
- The kit is a re-release of the classic kit first released in 1958.
- Scale is 1/96. The parts score is 41 points and expresses the shape of a unique design in plenty atmosphere.
- The capsule for the occupant equipped at the tip of the rocket, and the two circular fuel tanks installed under it, the four frames laid out outside of it are the mechanical finish.
- In addition, the five rocket engine injection nozzles laid out on the landing gear and rocket lower surface are also modeled firmly.
- The injection nozzle of the rocket engine and the round window part of the capsule are set with clear red parts.
- There are also 3 figures of crews dressed in space suit, in addition to exhibition stands.


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