Resposta to "Primer Vallejo"

edufari posted:


Valeu a dica. Que diferença será que tem esse thinner dos demais? Tenho o de limpeza, o comum e o 237 que uso na diluição das acrílicas. Só que nenhum deles serve.


Grato pela dica; só sobrou uma dúvida: que raio é essa água deionizada?

Onde acha e quanto custa essa  bagaça?

Minha gratidão aos dois.


Que estranho. Olhei no site da Vallejo:


Surface Primer is available in a range of basic shades most frequently employed to prepare the surface of the model or miniature before starting the painting process. Primers can be applied on all surfaces, resin, PVC, brass, white metal or wood. The primer preserving even the smallest detail of a model, and improves the adherence of the colors applied on this base. It is recommended to apply the Primer in various layers; the product dries rapidly and forms a homogenous film of extraordinary strength and resistance within a few hours after application. Surface Primer can be used directly or diluted with Vallejo Airbrush Thinner of Flow Improver. The recommended compressor settings are around 15-20 PSI or 0.5 to 1 kg. For best maintenance of the airbrush, it is recommended to use the Vallejo Airbrush Cleaner.
Surface Primer is not flammable, and does not contain solvents. Please see also certified safety information of the product on the Safety page.


Será que o solvente deles é diferente das demais marcas? Eu uso o solvente da Mig nas tintas AK e Vallejo e não tive problemas até o momento.