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Dan Kaplan é um dos papas quando o assunto é Marinha Imperial. Ele bate ponto no site da Model Warships e de tempos a tempos nos brinda com uma montagem. A última que acompanhei foi a do porta-aviões Taiho, onde ele usou o kit da Fujimi na escala 1/700. Sensacional! O melhor ainda é que a gente sempre pesca nessas montagens dicas valiosas para o nosso uso.

O resultado final foi publicado hoje.

Vejam aqui:

Ele incluiu um link que remete à montagem e outro às referências e melhorias efetuadas.

Imperdível para quem monta navios em geral e em especial para quem navega na 1/700.

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O mais encorajador foi a lista que ele passou:

Work list and references:
Fujimi 1/700 Taiho Kit with corrections and scratch-building, Lionroar Late War IJN aircraft sets

Aftermarket Injected Accessory Parts
Finemolds signal and searchlights, 25mm AA directors, navigation directors and bridge equipment, triple 25mm AA

Photo Etch
Fujimi’s dedicated photo etch set for Taiho GUP-36, the Artist Hobby Super Set for Taiho, and the Joe World IJN CV radio antenna set V03. Some miscellaneous items were pulled from a variety of sources including KA, Flyhawk, Rainbow and Tom’s.

Partial list of corrections
• Bow anchor deck apertures
• Shape of stern, stern boat deck and boat hangar
• Replaced aft flight deck trestle supports replacement with AH set
• Wind barrier replacement with AH set
• Flight deck air intake grills from brass mesh
• Flight deck edge catwalk solid siding replaced by railings
• Anchor chains scraped off and replaced with brass PE
• Portholes filled as needed to match proper configuration.
• Hawseholes at bow and stern improved with styrene
• Stern 25mmAA /director platform
• Hawser reels added
• Lower hull catwalks reduced in length
• Ship’s boats and added life rings
• Light sponsons added
• Landing light arrays
• Bridge island platforms reconfigured
• Deck edge radio antenna
• Aircraft fit and addition of PE canopies

Partial list of scratch-built additions or corrections
• Kit flight deck planking removed and replaced with Evergreen 2020 V-groove styrene
• Deck edge treading replaced with AH photoetch
• Deck edge lighting/platforms from styrene strip
• Crash barrier channels etched out and crash barriers replaced with photo etch
• Deck edge rain gutter made from styrene strip
• Elevator aprons cut from kit elevator wells.
• Elevator lifts, wells and partial hangar decks made from styrene sheet and Rainbow PE supports for IJN CVs
• Hull plating created with paint layers
• Paravane booms cut from styrene rod
• Boat booms from styrene strip and relocated.
• Starboard side 9m cutter davits and station from misc. PE
• Maneuvering light array from PE
• Sponson braces from deck girder PE
• Added brass PE windows to the navigation sponsons
• Arrestor wires replaced by stainless steel versions
• All hull and starboard side bridge island air intakes drilled out and filled with brass mesh
• Brass rod foremast, yardarms and conduits on island
• Rotation stops for main battery from styrene strips
• Flight deck striping
• Canvas coverings (paint)
• Boat straps (paper) and rigging
• Rigging (per references) – Dia Riki .002”

Painted in Kure Grey, hull red & IJN linoleum using Tamiya Paints. Flight deck color is a custom mix of Tamiya paints, washed with burnt umber oils. Flight deck white and warning striping is spray painted on.

• 1/200 plan set for Taiho from Miyukikai
• Gakken Pacific War Series vol. #22 aircraft carriers Taiho & Shinano
• IJN Taiho Volumes 1 & 2, Hans Lengerer and Lars Ahlberg, AJ Press
• Drawings of Taiho from the US Naval Technical Mission to Japan, multiple sources
• Gran Prix Shuppan Anatomy of IJN Aircraft Carriers
• Kojinsha Mechanisms of IJN Aircraft Carriers
• Kure Maritime Museum – IJN Aircraft Carrier volume
• Maru Special #s 23, 104
• Model Art Ship Modeling Special # 51, Spring, 2014
• Model Art Ship Modeling Special # 68, Summer, 2018
• Dai Nihon Kaigun Navy Yard #4

Selected photos from:
• Fukui vol. 3 IJN Aircraft Carriers, Seaplane Tenders
• Fukui 2 vol set
• Fukui Fighting Ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy
E isso porque é 1/700. Imagina em uma escala maior.

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