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Wingman Models, 1/1 scale

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Item No.Wingman Models Badges for Dioramas
Contents and Media:Each one part in grey resin
Price:Available online from Shop of Phantoms website
Review Type:FirstLook
Advantages:Crisp details; perfectly cast

These resin badges from Wingman are superbly cast and look brilliant. They will enhance any aircraft diorama or display adding a theme to the display.



F-16 Fighting Falcon US Air Force WMB 003 and Israeli Air Force WMB 004 (pictured at top of page)

Embossed into the medallion is a fine rendition of the upper part of a Hawk with the words F-16 Fighting Falcon. Around the left hand side of the medallion a national flag is draped representing the nationality that the model represents.


US Air Force Strategic Air Command Shield WMB 001



This medallion represents the shield of the Strategic Air Command in the typical shape that the shield is commonly seen as. The shield contains the fist holding the lightning bolts and olive branch with the clouded sky background. The words Strategic Air Command are embossed in the ribbon across the bottom.


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