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Aparentemente, a Dragon retomou este projeto de 2021....


Air Superiority – Dragon’s Ultimate 1/48 Bf-109E-4

A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Warplane Design!
Dragon Models is proud to announce a revolutionary new project that’s 10 years in the making! The first item of Dragon’s new Wing Tech 2 series, the 1/48 Bf109E-4N boasts multiple engineering breakthroughs never seen before in Warplane model kits.

Developed over ten years using meticulous research and working together with the industry’s top plastic mould engineers to fine-tune our tooling technology, Dragon has achieved the first ever one-piece fuselage that will set the new standard in modelling! Prepare for a new age in Air Superiority!

(please see below descriptions with designated photos)
Overview of the Kit sprues including the revolutionary one-piece fuselage and Dragon’s first ever offering with multi-colored parts.

One-Piece Fuselage
Traditionally, the fuselage is presented in two halves, which are glued together. Then, additional puttying and sanding are needed to eliminate the gap lines. However, this process can be time consuming and can produce negative results such as sanding off the details on the fuselage.
Dragon’s breakthrough engineering eliminates this problem by using multi-direction slide-moulds to produce the fuselage in one single piece.

Additional Key Features:
Complete Engine reproduced in accurate detail

Wings plug directly into the one-piece fuselage for better stability during assembly. State of the art engineering ensures quick and simple assembly without compromising the detail and quality of the model kit.

Wing joints are cleverly hidden beneath the curved leading edge of the upper wing to reduce the need for puttying and sanding. The result is a perfect-looking wing that can be built without additional time-consuming work.

Unrivalled detail on the engine and inside the cockpit. Also included are Dragon’s one-piece canopy

Our Wing Tech 2 series is a part of Dragon’s Engineering Revolution 2.0, in which our items are developed with the modellers in mind. For many years, Dragon has continually raised the bar in providing the highest detailed model kit products in the market. However, the higher level of detail comes at a cost, which is more parts, more assembly, and longer build times.

Keeping that in mind, our latest series utilizes the industry’s most sophisticated moulding techniques ever and simplifies the building process without compromising the details that Dragon is famous for. The result is a next generation model kit that has the highest level of details and accuracy, yet easier and less time consuming to build!

Stay tuned for more new item announcements from this highly anticipated series!FB_IMG_1701347161976FB_IMG_1701347164425FB_IMG_1701347167211FB_IMG_1701347170178FB_IMG_1701347172560FB_IMG_1701347174825FB_IMG_1701347176956FB_IMG_1701347179227FB_IMG_1701347182412FB_IMG_1701347184853FB_IMG_1701347187342FB_IMG_1701347190314FB_IMG_1701347192982FB_IMG_1701347195946


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Há e outra coisa. Só espero que esse kit que levou 10 anos para ser desenvolvido, no estado da arte, não me venha com aquela peça nojenta de borracha que representa a lona de cobertura do porão de rodas.

Há e outra coisa. Só espero que esse kit que levou 10 anos para ser desenvolvido, no estado da arte, não me venha com aquela peça nojenta de borracha que representa a lona de cobertura do porão de rodas.

Ao que parece, vem com ela..


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