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Lançamento limitado - Item Nr 25207

About the Model
A 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit of the Leopard 2 A6. ★Length: 314mm, Width: 107mm. ★The powerful style with the long-barreled 120mm smoothbore cannon has been realistically modeled. ★Wedge-shaped additional armor on the front and sides of the turret is realistically finished. ★Clear parts for headlights and taillights. ★Easy-to-use belt type tracks. ★Various slide marks such as the national flag and the white cross, which is a symbol of victory in Ukraine. ★Product packaging uses new original drawings.


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  A guerra sempre foi um bom negocio para alguns,vamos ver se estes vão ter o mesmo fim daqueles turcos. Eu montei um acho que é da Italeri,certamente não montaria outro,não me chama a atenção;

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