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Trabalho formidável do Mr. Roger Hurkmans :

I started with this little "in between" vignette back in 2014.When i was in the mood for sculpting i started with this one!Now more then 2 years later its finaly finished happy.gif

This scene is made in 54mm scale.I had to do this because i found the best horses in this scale,they are from Pegasso.The heads i used are from Hornets 54mm range.The French and german gear is from Jon Smith Modellbau.

The scene is inspired from an illistration made by Fortinino Matania.

Here the ilustration made by Fortinino Matania:
photo IMG_2562copy_zps93236963.jpg

The figures before sculpting:
photo foto2_zps84e244d6.jpg
And after:
photo FullSizeRender_zpswe7qwwgp.jpg

photo IMG_9463 1_zpsngnubrfs.jpg
photo IMG_9472_zpsqydyxt7i.jpg
photo IMG_9461_zpsegqsescb.jpg
photo IMG_9469_zpslgtucgxs.jpg
photo FullSizeRender 6_zpsn7g1titc.jpg

Right now my desk is empty so time for something new! happy.gif



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Um diorama muito bem feito mas, nessa época, trincheiras e metralhadoras eram a tônica do Fronte Ocidental e nunca essa cena ocorreria.

Como exercício de modelismo, é excelente.

Abs. e obrigado pela postagem.

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