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A matéria diz que foram concretados no local, que virou um estacionamento.



 The German govt. finally filled the bunker with gravel and concrete and buried the boats, then turned the area into a parking lot. 


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The last boats to arrive in the bunker were three type XXI boats (U-2505, D 3004 and D 3506) which came in Spring 1945. In the middle of April 1945, their crews were sent to the front, which was at nearby Lüneburg Heide. As the bunker was seriously damaged in an air raid at that time, it was decided to scuttle the remaining boats before the war ended. 

In November 1945, the facility was blown up by the English. This caused the middle wall and the roof to collapse on the remaining three U-Boats. After the war the bunker was blown into the air and then covered up.

Subsequently, there have been repeated attempts to raise the U-Boats. Their expensive batteries were removed in 1949. U-2501 was pulled out in the 50s and scrapped and the two others were partially broken up.

In 1995, the bunker and what was left of the U-Boats was all covered over and a car park was built over the facility. In 2007, when the runway for the Airbus factory was expanded, the remains of the bunker were uncovered. The remains of Elbe II are visible today in Hamburg’s port.

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